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Fluxgate Gradiometry is a non-intrusive scientific prospecting tool that is used to determine the presence/absence of some classes of sub-surface archaeological features (e.g. pits, ditches, kilns, and occasionally stone walls).

The use of magnetic surveys to locate sub-surface ceramic materials and areas of burning, as well as magnetically weaker features, is well established, particularly on large green field sites. The detection of anomalies requires the use of highly sensitive instruments; in this instance the Bartington 601 Dual Fluxgate Gradiometer. This is accurately calibrated to the mean magnetic value of each survey area. Two sensors mounted vertically and separated by 1m measure slight, localised distortions of the earth’s magnetic field, which are recorded via a data logger.

We currently use 4 Bartington 601 instruments regularly achieving work rates of 8+ha/day.

Prehistoric Remains Somerset